Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plant is intended for expelling the suspended debasements, metal and ionic contaminations. The framework are utilized for recovering the water from ground or surface. The point of putting the water treatment plant can be basic filtration whereby every single suspended polluting influence are evacuated. The suspended polluting influences are expelled by straight forward media filtration where molecule size of up-to 30 micron is pointed. The littler molecule which causes turbidity are expelled by smaller scale filtration and Ultra-filtration where the particles up to 0.015 micron can be evacuated. This additionally dispenses with 99% microscopic organisms and infection in this way evacuating max pathogens.

• Softening units are connected where hardness is required to be expelled.
• Demineralisation unit are introduced where expulsion of ionic pollutions and metallic contaminations are planned to be accomplished.
• Layer filtration which expels the ionic and metallic polluting influences fluctuates from Nano to Bohr estimate. The use of Nano filtration is done where max measure of monovalent particles are required to be rejected and Reverse Osmosis is connected with an expect to dismiss all salt/particle with max dismissal.

Media Filtration Systems:

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Membrane Filtration Systems

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