Consultancy Services

We are leading consultant in the field of Water & Waste Water Treatment plant. In our consultancy activity we offer our technical services and expertise to perform following activities:

  • Planning and Designing:   To start your project new or existing first we plans and design your project on paper and always try to make thing eco friendly we provide our technical support based on concept, planning and up to the designing.

  • Proposal Engineering:   We always try to give the best offers to our customers by making detailed projects estimates and proposal for systems so that you can get approved for management or you can give it to your customers.

  • Tender preparation & Specification framing:  We offer our technical expertise for preparation of tender preparation & Specification farming so that u can get best form market.

  • Bid evaluation & order placement:  It is not true that lowest coated system is the best system we offer our services and technical opinions to make you to understand what the impact of that system is.

  • Water and Energy auditing: We perform water and energy audit so that you can definitely reduce water and energy expenses after implementing suggested measures.